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PCBA / SMT Parts & Equipments

Looking for special nozzle to pick up for your odd shape SMT component? We can do all type of SMT machine customized nozzle.

Buy & sell of used SMT machine! We can support for all kind of SMT machine spare parts, feeder.

PCBA / SMT Parts & Equipment

SMT Machine Spare parts / Customized NXT Nozzle

Support most of the SMT machine, screen printer / chip mounter / reflow over …..etc. If you have problem on nozzle type for special odd shape part, we can solve you problem with customized nozzle.

PCBA Link & Buffer Conveyor / Magazine Loader & Unloader

Auto loader, link conveyor, buffer loader, smart unloader.

ESD Magazine

 Various types of ESD magazine rack to meet yours need. Different sizes and specifications. With temperature resistance of 80°C, 100°C, 120°C with different locking mechanism.

PCB Soldering Iron / Rework Station

Soldering iron, reword station.

Splicing Tape & Tools

Splicing tape, clip & tools.

Digital Microscope

Reduce eye fatigue with digital microscope. Big LCD monitor, image capture and save in SD card.

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PCBA / SMT Solutions

Buy & sell of used SMT machine.